Naked Sushi

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About Naked Sushi

We provide our naked sushi services to 100s of clients a year, here in Costa Rica.  We use only premium ingredients with a specific focus on sustainable seafood. All of our sushi is made and crafted by our own highly trained sushi Chefs. We do not outsource anything. Our goal is to provide an amazing sushi experience for events of any size.

 A two week advanced booking is typically recommended

Is It Safe

As with any service of raw seafood, those with compromised immune systems, pregnancy and heart conditions are not recommended participants in our naked sushi experience. We do offer naked body dessert presentations.

We prepare our sushi to restaurant standards. We time and temp control all of our food and document to insure all of our food meets acceptable health department standards. Secondly, we typically do not offer sushi on the skin without precautions necessary to insure the safety of your guests.